Probiotic Cleaning

Let us present the ‘PROBIOTIC’- line of natural organic cleaning products with probiotic bacteria for the UK market, both commercial and domestic.  

The main benefit of Probiotic cleaning products is that they restore a natural defence shield from pathogenic bacteria for up to 8 days by using natural biodegradable, organic, vegan, eco-friendly ingredients and crucially without using phosphates, chlorine or other hazardous chemicals.


The current product range includes laundry, washing up, hand wash, multi surface, bathroom, floor, drains and screens.


Many traditional chemical cleaning products are made from synthetic materials, petroleum waste products etc. Such products are aggressive and do not decay readily – they accumulate and pollute the environment that surrounds us.


The PROBIOTIC range of cleaning products has NO phosphates, chlorine or other hazardous chemicals.

Compared with antibacterial agents, products based on probiotics keep microbiological efficiency much longer.

According to a study conducted by the Geneius Laboratory in the United Kingdom, the difference in efficiency is calculated in times: after 2 hours, the efficacy of products with probiotics is greater by almost 4 times, and the difference rises to 22 times after 8 hours. The study also confirmed that the surface covered with probiotics protects against e. coli bacteria multiplication for up to 8 days, although E. coli cells grow on membranes treated with probiotics growth is significantly restricted. This effect is evident over the entire 8-day time-period but becomes less pronounced over time.’



Further Info

Full Probiotic Product Range 

4 Concentrated Laundry liquirds 


(Neutral, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Colour), 1.5L

Super concentrated liquid laundry detergents with probiotics. Composed of carefully selected and balanced organic, natural ingredients. Laundry detergents with probiotic bacteria prevent your laundry, washing machine and the drainage from unpleasant odours and restore natural microbiological balance.


4 washing up liquids


(Neutral, Amber extract, Citrus, Pro Vit B5)

Washing up liquid with probiotics is composed of carefully selected and balanced organic, natural ingredients. Products with probiotic bacteria prevent unpleasant odours from drains, balance microflora in the kitchen zone, incl. sponges, cloths, sink, table tops, drainage etc.


Baby bottle & washing up liquid for washing baby bottles, dishes, cutlery and toys.


Mild and effective, non-irritant, contains no synthetic ingredients, colorants or fragrances. Safe to use for kids.

3 Hand wash liquids 

(Hypoallergenic for allergenic people; Soothing for sensitive, damaged, dry skin with almond oil, neem and pomegranate extracts; Regenerating with almond oil, pro-vitamin B5 and pomegranate extract).


All soaps are made from 100% non-irritant ECOCERN ingredients.

Multi surface cleaner  

(Not wood or leather)


Easily removes grease and ingrained dirt, eliminates unpleasant odours, effectively cleans various solid surfaces (table tops, counters, shelves, ovens, microwaves, sinks etc.)

Bathroom cleaner 


Effectively removes limescale, soap and water residue, does not damage surfaces and provides shine, prevents mould, eliminates unpleasant odours and provides a sense of freshness. Effective at cleaning bathroom furniture and tiles, sinks, taps, showers, bathtubs, glass and mirrored surfaces etc.

Concentrated universal Floor cleaner  

(Not Wood floor)


Effectively removes ingrained dirt, provides natural shine for cleaned surfaces. Suitable for ceramic tiles, varnished solid surfaces, PVC floor, linoleum. Effectively remove the causes of unpleasant odours.

Concentrated wooden Floor cleaner  


Suitable for wood floor, parquet.

Drain and septic tank treatment 


Eliminate unpleasant odours and remove their causes, enrich natural microflora in the piping and maintain natural microbiological balance. When used regularly prevents clogging.  Can be used for pipes of toilets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers.

Screen cleaning kit with Microfibre cloth 


Effectively removes dirt, grease, dust. Has antistatic qualities. Effective at cleaning LCD/LED/Plasma TV screens, computer screens, touchscreens. Does not leave stains or residue. Suitable for glasses and watches.

Workplace cleaning kit with Microfibre cloth 


Effectively removes dirt, grease, dust. Has antistatic qualities. Removes unpleasant odours. Suitable for cleaning office surfaces, furniture and equipment. Suitable for cleaning keyboards, mice, printers etc.