Alodia are also importers of herbal goods from around the world.


At the moment we have a fantastic range of herbal teas made from the very best natural ingredients which taste great and also have real benefits for your health.

Acorus manufacture a great range of herbal teas and are dedicated to not using any artificial additives in any of their products and also using recycled products as far as possible.

In addition to the range of herbal teas for adults, Acorus also manufacture a range of teas specially tailored for children.

Whilst we think Acorus teas are both great tasting and very beneficial to your overall health we do realise that teas are not for everyone and this is where Acorus's range of supplements can help.

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Acorus Kids Teas 

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Not all children like teas so Acorus have developed a fantastic range of herbal syrups.

Acorus Infant Teas is a new range aimed specifically at children between the ages of 9 months and 4 years of age.

Acorus Syrups

Acorus Infant Teas

When your baby is first learning to crawl its vital that they feel comfortable and secure.


This is why we at Alodia designed a range of crawling pants with extra thick knee pads to make sure that baby's knees are always well protected.


Our crawling pants are made from 100% cotton and are extremely high quality, we like to think they add a fun splash of colour.

Most babies will start to crawl sometime between 6-12 months and these trousers are perfect for those first voyages of exploration. They will help to keep Baby's delicate knees and joints protected, especially on hard floors.

Between 12-18 months most Babies will start to take their first few steps but there will still be times when he or she will prefer to crawl and there will of course be plenty of stumbles before your baby is 100% comfortable on their feet. These trousers are perfect for this transition from crawling to walking and beyond.

Baby Crawlers 6-12 months

Baby Crawlers 12-18 months