Alodia Ltd are importers of quality herbal products from around the world.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality of products to our customers.


Dalia Olafsson, the founder of Alodia, was inspired to start the company after her own battles dealing with severe panic attacks a few years ago. Refusing to

turn to prescription medication and the associated side effects of

antidepressants, Dalia struggled for eight months living what she

describes as “a constant hell of internal conflicts and battles” where

simple everyday tasks like going to a supermarket or travelling on

the tube could result in her ending up in hospital with a severe panic attack. Soon she

became afraid to go out in public.

After opening up to her sister about her anxiety disorder, Dalia discovered light at the end of

the tunnel. Her sister recommended she try the Neuro range of Teas from UAB Acorus Calamus which is the number one herbal tea in the Baltics where it is a trusted brand available in every pharmacy with a solid reputation for quality and efficacy. After just a few days drinking the teas, Dalia noticed positive changes and soon her panic attacks were just a distant memory. Dalia not only got her life back but is now doing a job she loves, is happily married and recently gave birth to her first child.


Dalia decided to establish Alodia Ltd to help the growing number of people who want an alternative to todays prescription medication.


As well as teas to help with Panic attacks, stress and other ailments Alodia Ltd also sell 100% Cotton Baby Trousers with double padded knees to help encourage babies to crawl whilst protecting their delicate knees and have also started importing a fantastic new range of Birch Tree Water which gives great health benefits whilst also tasting great, all 100% natural goodness.

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